AASA Members Only

AASA Benefit Program

All AASA members have the option to view and add press releases and news articles to both the ExtremeWrench daily news feed and the ExtremeWrench monthly newsletter. In order for this content to be published by ExtremeWrench it must be:

  • Submitted via the ExtremeWrench submission tool
  • Newsworthy and useful to our ExtremeWrench audience
  • ExtremeWrench reserves the right to edit or exclude content based upon the criteria listed above

AASA Platinum Program - Founder

ExtremeWrench Loyalty Rewards Program

Nothing builds brand loyalty better than an instant rewards program. The Extremewrench rewards program combines ease of use for the participant with comprehensive reporting, processing and auditing for our partners. Choose the program that fits your needs:

  • SUDS (Serialized Unique ID Security)
  • UROS (UPC and Repair Order Security)

The first 50 founding sponsors will have priority choices on product codes.

The ExtremeWrench rewards program is simple to administer, secure, scalable and provides independent repair shop owners with another reason to choose your brand. Reward the behavior you want, and you will get more of it!

AASA members receive a 50% Discount on Rewards Points and 48 month price lock-in.